About Kirstielouise1991

Well hello everyone that is coming to look at my blog!! I am very very very new to this so excuse me if I muddle up some things. I thought I would do a very quick about me so that you all know a little bit about the person that is behind the page.

My name is Kirstie

I am 22 years old

I am studying online through University of Southern Queensland a Bachelor of Education specialising in Special Education

I work full time at a specialist school as a teachers assistant and this is my 5th year working there. I believe I have the best job in the world!!

I live in Melbourne with my mum, dad and younger sister

I have a boyfriend of over 5 years and we have just gotten a puppy together. His name is Max and he is a King CharlesĀ Cavalier and is simply the apple of his mummy’s eye!!

I enjoy swimming, going to the beach, relaxing with my friends, watching movies, re watching my favourite tv shows (at the moment its greys anatomy), going to the football (go the roos) and just enjoying each and every day!!

So there is a little bit about me and I hope you enjoy my blogging!!

This is my puppy Max

This is my puppy Max

This is me and my younger sister Monique

This is me and my boyfriend of 5 years Nick

This is my family taken a year and a half ago on my 21st birthday



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