Assignment 3 part D is designed to encourage reflection of the PE you had so here is some of my food for thoughts

Successes –

  • Students having a centre point within the room where they frequently come together as a whole to work together through lessons and the centre point of this is around a projector screen. This engages students within each lesson and helps them participate within each lesson. Assistive technology working at its best – engaging students, allowing them to participate within the classroom etc.
  • Using the TPACK framework to ensure the appropriate use of cause and effect apps. Was aware of the content that students were working on (which was to cause a cause and effect on the ipad), aware of the pedagogical knowledge of how to best teach this content (student centred approach) and then had to research the technological knowledge component to ensure I was enhancing students learning with the choices of apps that I was selecting and that there were also going to achieve the content knowledge. Further technological knowledge went into this as well when I researched how this lesson could be expanded and what kind of apps could help with this expansion to ensure student learning.
  • Evaluating through the use of CLEM model when it would be effective to also focus on students alternative communication within lessons with the use of alternative switches. My evaluation using the CLEM model as well as teacher discussions insisted that this was an important use of ICT to enhance students learning by allowing them to control the pace, activity and communicating what they wanted therefore I planned accordingly within my lessons and incorporated this use of ICT into all lessons to ensure it enhanced students learning. Using ICT as a form of communication is huge importance REFERENCE


Non- successes –

  • Based on the SAMR framework the main technology that was used for each lesson was just a projector screen with a powerpoint of what students were learning. To me this is a form of substitution or augmentation at best. We as educators want to be using technology to enhance students learning through modifying it and redefining it and when these processes are used then technology is really being used to enhance students learning and not just substitute for a book and CD player.
  • Due to students needs and the established routines my planning was very limited and also the use of ICT that I could incorporate was very limited due to students needs, students abilities, resources available and lesson routines. Toolbelt theory/ TEST framework.
  • Students sensory needs on the day of lessons effect how the lesson in going to run and how much modification it is going to need. Maths lesson ended up students students using cause and effect maths toys as they wished whilst relaxation music was being played to ensure a successful lesson for these students. This meant that the lesson was not so successful ICT wise in enhancing their learning but was still present within the lesson. This resulted in students just using technology instead of having the technology be integrated and planned and purposeful –

Lessons learnt –

  • That sometimes the simpliest forms of ICT can be the forms that have the most effect in enhancing students learning. In terms of my PE the use of alternative switches something that if you did not know what they were you would not think that it was a form of ICT but this simplistic form of ICT in fact gives students the power of communicating their wants and needs which enhances their learning beyond anything else as it gives them control over it
  • The importance of using a framework such as the backwards design to shape your planning to ensure that the lessons that you are teaching are purposeful and are part of a greater plan. Effective planning also ensures effective and efficient use of ICT and other resources as it leaves out the winging it phenomena
  • The importance of evaluating different ICT sources to ensure that they are going to in fact enhance students learning and they are not just going to just be a substitution for another aspect of teaching