I have been aware of TED talks for a while now as they have been used in course content for several of my courses in the past but I have always just thought ohh they are interesting and not much else until this course where it has been proven that there is such a high need to utilise these resources as well as store them in a place for future reference. With this in mind I saw a blog post from Anne Sutton called Ted talk on teaching teachers the magic of engagement and this triggered me thinking back to past TED lectures that I had viewed. This talk was especially interesting as we all have a high interest in being an engaging teacher as it is when we engage the students that we are going to get the best out of them.  After viewing this TED lecture it made me do some further research into TED and I found that they have a twitter page, facebook page and youtube channel all for me to use in future reference.

If anyone is interested in the particular TED talk that Anne Sutton originally posted below is the video.