As I usually do once a week (but I will admit whilst on prac I have been so preoccupied with everything else I havnt done it in weeks) I check out my feebly feeds and have a look at what all my fellow peers are blogging about to see if there is anything I could use for myself. Well whilst doing this for the first time in a few weeks I came accross a blog by Fionabudd2014 called Free technology for teachers and it immediatly caught my attention. The blog talks about this free technology for teachers facebook page which lists tried and tested technology sites, different strategies and tips for using technology within the classroom and provides resources for all year levels and majority of content strands. Straight away I knew this was a page/website that I needed to keep for future references and it is also one I certantly would not have found if I was not using my trusted PLN. This is definatly a new skill that I will take out of this course and one that will help me through future studies as well as PEs and in my furture classroom. For all those interested in some FREE technology resources as well as some strategies that can help you make sure you have a look at the page which can be found at –