Wow hasnt the past 2 weeks just flown on by!!!

I have been having the best experinece in the class of sensory prep students at a special development school. They all have such a varied range of fun personalities and I have enjoyed getting to know each of their likes and dislikes as well as building my own special bonds with them. It has been quite an interesting journey.

I have been completeing my recommended teaching hours although the teaching experiences are definatly different to a mainstream setting with alot of them occuring in smaller groups or one to one settings depending on the activities. I have completed minimal amounts of planning instead making suggestions on how the exisiting lessons could break up into further learning activity stations and would could occur at each of these stations. This is also a very different experience to all my other PE as in the past I have been planning all the lessons that I will be teaching from scratch only knowing the basis of what each lessons needs to cover content wise.

The incorporation of ICT has also played out differently than I thought it would. The use of ICT for these students is all about alternative forms of communication and the beginning steps in using ICT which is when you do something (cause) it then has an effect of that something (effect). This has limited my application of ICT to a very limited spectrum of computers. ipads and switches that can be used for communication as well as a way to acess different toys and utensils. The following website called Spectronics talks about the use of switches as an inclusive learning technology and the different types of switches that are availiable to students and schools.