After watching the take this lollipop page I had the sudden fear of holy crap what can people actually see of me out there and what is my digital footprint without me even being consciously aware of. Then my next thought was I wonder how many of my fellow EDC3100 peers had this same thought and that was when I found Finonabudds post “I wish i didnt take the lollipop!” and becpealls post “I wish I didnt take the lollipop!” and realised that many of my fellow students were having the same thought. So what was my next plan of action you ask – well it was to google search my name and see what comes up. So here are the only 2 results from a google search of my name and my own mini digital footprint:

  1. Kirstie Rutledge profiles on facebook – I am the first profile that is displayed in the list which shows my profile picture and bare minimal information about me.
  2. Player statistics Kirstie Rutledge – Player statistics from when I played waterpolo for Victoria

I was suprised that there were only 2 results that came up after a search of my name but along with results that were directly related to me were results about other people that have the same name as me (mainly people in America). Google searching your name is something that I have to admit I always find fun to do as there is always something interesting to find on there. A google search of your name also reminds you about the profiles that you have out there that you may not have recalled making or using so its a good way to keep in check what you have available to the public.