Well what an interesting topic this has become. The topic first came to my knowledge whilst I was working my way through EDC3100 week 10 working path and was further investigated when I read the suggested blog Digital ownership…. poor Fran by Christina Bradley. Up until now I had no idea what Re blogging was but i had become aware that something different other than commenting was happening with some of my blog posts but just wasn’t quite sure what it was. Now that I have become aware of re blogging I have become aware that 2 of my blog posts have in fact been re blogged.

So with this new knowledge what are my exact thoughts on re blogging? Well I am honestly a bit unsure of it. In some ways we are all re blogging in our own way by linking certain blog posts to other students posts in which we are investigating their blog and further commenting on a certain topic they have presented. This I believe is good practice as we are using our PLN to expand on our current knowledge. This would also include students re blogging posts but then expanding on them with their own comments, research and opinions.

The other aspect of re blogging though is students just using re blogging for their posts. Those students will be meeting and exceeding their blog posts numbers, linking them to the number of blogs needed and meeting the word limit required. This is not fair that students can use others blog posts to meet these expectations without adding their own work on top of it.

Should there be a limit introduced on how many blogs you can re blog??

Should blogs be able to be re blogged without any further student comment??

These are things that i believe should be considered by the administrative team.